Hey Heather, it's me again.

Pandemic plea

Hey Heather, it's me again.

The initial date of this post was January 4th. I didn’t completely finish it though. The week before that, I almost posted something titled “Things are going to get much, much worse before they get better”. It began with the sentence: “In the latest edition of my ‘what in the fresh hell is this’ …”.

I’ve been quite upset about how things are being managed. At some point during this time I decided “Fine, I’ll do it myself” where I started to plan my own vaccination campaign. But yeah, you can’t just buy drugs off of the internet apparently. How far did I get? Here are some of my notes:

- Are we underestimating how many people we can mobilize for this?
- What about refrigeration? Partner up with Super C, Metro. Ice cream parlours
  that are closed for the winter.

Groups who already have a sense of organization and/or tracking:
- the Army
- Election Quebec
- Hema-Québec

Locations for mass vaccination: 
There are a bunch of offices that have been closed. What about those. Schools if
they remain closed. Churches. The Olympic Stadium

Things we need:
- syringes
- cotton swabs
- bandaids
- medical tape
- allergic reation kits
- disinfectants
- masks
- gloves
- eye protection
- chairs
- flat surfaces like tables
- pens, paper
- strechers

- How will people enter and exit
- Tracking who received what vaccine when, and booster follow up
- How do you deal with allergic reactions (single + multiple)
- Clear, concise signage

I was looking at staffing and vaccine procurement. And after getting the contact information for some pharmaceutical companies I realized that, no, you can’t just get more vaccines.

After that, the only thing I could think of doing was to write a letter to government officials. So I did. And you can too.

Anecdote: A few friends of mine from back home contracted COVID a couple of months ago. If you had asked me to rank my friends in order of best physical shape and general health, one in particular would rank 1st, maybe 2nd place. Yet when I spoke to him about two months after he contracted COVID, he still had issue with his lung capacity. He got winded just going up his stairs.

I don’t think we’re measuring the health impacts well enough. I think it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do that any time soon. We need to be vaccinating like there’s no tomorrow. Because, for some, there won’t be.

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