Hey Heather, it's me again.

Fixing my fridge

Hey Heather, it's me again.

As you know, my fridge, Kelvin, has spurned its duty to keep my food cold. I had to throw everything away except for condiments that were not mayonnaise. I was most disappointed by having to get rid of my stash of spaghetti sauce. It’s a pretty good sauce. Today I took it upon myself to fix it. There are a lot of other things I’d rather be doing like working, playing music, eating cold food. But alas, I started upon this journey and must see its conclusion. I must fix it. It remains a bit of a puzzle and that’s fun. It’s amazing that we have big machines in our homes that keep our food at a slow-rotting degree temperature. But how do they work? Or more importantly for me, how can they break?

Going over its symptoms I could narrow my Google search down. Everything seemed fine except it wasn’t blowing cold air and there was a clicking sound every once in a while. I found a bunch of great videos from Sears and a bunch of other videos from people. And I must say, I’m very thankful that all these people have made videos that explain and show how you can to do a task. YouTube is great. And the people that post videos about how to fix refrigerators are great. And so are those who post videos about different ways to finish wood. Or videos about how to sew buttons on a coat. They give you all these neat tips on what to look for and things that you may encounter. It’s just great. I’m really happy that this exists. That’s mainly what I wanted to say here. Just that I’m thankful for these videos and the people who post them.

Because dang it, what a hassle! There’s so much dust behind a fridge! Well, mine was pretty clean compared to what I saw, but still very dusty. And I have yet to acquire a suction device to properly purge dust. I feel so sheltered since I don’t have to deal with this every day. Anyway, after doing some research I figured that the relay must be defective. I was so proud of myself and confident. I had a plan: remove the relay, go to Rona for replacement part and then install it. Easy peasy! … It wasn’t. The task wasn’t difficult but if you’ve never done it, you question the effort and strength your hands should output. Am I pulling to hard on the wires? Both pieces here are black, should I take them both off? And so on. So it took a while. Then I went to Rona and to my surprise, they didn’t have the piece! This was a first. It was near closing time so I just went home. No piece in hand or in sight. So Kelvin is still not working and is in a worse state because I removed the relay for the compressor. Even if I change it, there’s still a chance that the problem is with the compressor itself. We’ll see if I have better luck tomorrow!

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