Hey Heather, it's me again.

Join the Fam.. Close tab

Hey Heather, it's me again.

Since I’ve been looking for a gig, I’ve read a lot of job ads. I also keep coming across hiring managers and recruiters saying they have trouble finding anyone to even apply.


“Join Our Family!” close tab.

“Your Second Family!” close tab.

“Requires a Master’s in…” close tab.

“Back to the offi…” close tab.

“… help us reach unicorn status” close tab.

“We just wanna be fun and quirky haha! btw you’re being paid less than your colleagues but haha foosball! Please stay late to help the family haha we’ll pay for pizza but shh! don’t tell the others haha ;))”

“Require professional ref…” close tab.

“Because we receive an overwhelming number of applications..” mehh nvm then.. close tab.

“We have openings for Staff, Lead, and Sen…” close tab.

“Tell us why you wanna join our squad…” close tab.

“Help grow a rocketship startu…” close tab.

“Work hard, pla…” close tab.

“Blockch…” close tab.

“DO YOU EAT CODE FOR BR..” close tab.

I wonder why.

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